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TRu MATES are a Force


Suicide prevention charity MATES in Construction and PPE brands TRu Force and Force360 have partnered to support better mental health within our industries.

Did you know:

  • construction workers are 6 x more likely to die by suicide than a workplace accident.
  • suicide rates in our industries are 80% higher than the general working age population.
  • we lose a worker every second day to suicide.
  • one in 20 workers in our industries consider suicide in any given year.
  • you don’t have to be an expert to save a life.

MATES in Construction and Australian workwear and PPE brands, Force360 and TRu Workwear have joined forces to help reduce the high rate of suicide in the construction, mining and energy industries, via an awareness campaign. The collaboration will see a range of branded personal protective equipment, workwear and packaging that will carry MATES, ‘Stronger Together’ messaging and their 24/7 helpline number.

The messaging will be included on packaging, branded cartons, a range of cut resistant gloves, TRu Workwear and Bool FR Workwear branded shirts and retail swing tags.

TRu Workwear director Tony Urquhart said finding out about the high rates of suicide in the industry seeded the idea to partner with MATES in Construction.

“We were shocked when we heard the workers in the industries we supply were being impacted by high rates of suicide and mental stress,” he said.

“Supporting this charity fell within our company’s core values and therefore the partnership with MATES was essential to us. The mental safety of workers is just as important as their physical safety.

“We see this partnership as a real opportunity to support the industries who wear our gear, by reminding them to dig a little deeper and check in with a workmate or to call the MATES 24/7 helpline on 1300 642 111, if the conversation feels too big and get professional support.

“That’s why we have placed the helpline number on the inside collar of our workwear. It is discreet but convenient for anyone seeking help or to those connecting a mate to support.”

MATES in Construction national CEO Chris Lockwood said he welcomed the partnership with Private Brands and TRu Brands.

“We can’t wait for this campaign to reach the workers we support through the MATES program and perhaps some sites who might need us but have not connected with us yet,” he said.

“This partnership and concept is an effective, visual way to reach our workers. We lose around 200 people a year to suicide in our key industries and it is an unacceptable number.

“Collaborations like this, help drive our messaging directly where it is most needed in a way that makes sense to our community.

“By further empowering our workers to look after each other when someone’s struggling, one less family, group of mates or worksite will be impacted by loss and trauma.”

QMEB is an official industry partner of MATES.

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