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Unstable ground kills heavy vehicle operator

Overturned equipment
Overturned equipment

A volatile surface ended the life of a mine worker.

Authorities recently examined why a heavy vehicle overturned and killed the operator at an undisclosed site on 16 May 2023.

“A bulldozer operator died when a spoil pile slid and engulfed the bulldozer he was operating,” the Department of Labor’s Mine Safety and Health Administration said in a safety alert.

“At the time of the accident the bulldozer operator was repairing a ramp used to access water pumps in the pit.”

Investigators made the following recommendations:

  • install two-way communication systems, high strength glass and a self-contained self rescuer for breathable air when working on material that has the potential to slide or engulf mobile equipment
  • establish and follow ground control plans that are consistent with prudent engineering design for the safe control of all high walls, pits and spoil banks
  • examine high walls, spoil banks and ground that slopes into working areas after every rain, freeze or thaw before work in such areas
  • stay clear of potentially unstable areas and correct unsafe ground conditions in the affected area.

Click here to download the full safety alert.

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