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Visa holders will ‘easily’ fill vacant mine jobs says industry

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FIFO charter plane

Foreigners could resolve a growing number of advertised roles, a resources group said.

Employers would easily find jobseekers if more visa holders were allowed into Australia. This is the conclusion the Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (AMEC) reached after examining the ongoing labour shortage.

“In truth about skilled migration it is very difficult for our industry to fill the roles and our needs and, equally, you gat a pull between the larger companies and the smaller companies,” CEO Warren Pearce said at the 2023 Bush Summit.

Instead of offering more attractive wages and bonuses, Pearce believes proponents should sponsor more overseas applicants and fully train them.

“When you have got a constrained labour force here in Australia, you are going to need to be able to pull those skills from overseas workers. But also, you need to be able to bring in skilled workers from overseas to train Australians in new roles,” he said at the regional event.

This is touted to be far more attractive than paying big money to inexperienced youth who create workplace safety concerns.

“One of the ones that frustrates me immensely is … you have got entry-level jobs where people can come in at 18 to 21. They need someone to train them. There are $100,000 starting salaries but, without someone to train them out on-site, you cannot put them safely into the industry,” Pearce said.

Meanwhile, Hancock Prospecting urged the federal government to subsidise companies that purchase electric heavy vehicles and renewable energy. Authorities should also invest in clean energy.

“Let us not upset many farmers with bird killing wind generators and massive solar panel stretches, and bring on clean, safe, nuclear energy please,” executive chair Gina Rinehart said at the summit.

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