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What is the Gas Vision 2050

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The Gas Vision 2050 is Australia’s next step when it comes to our journey to reduce emissions, gas has a vital role to play. The Gas Vision 2050 report shows just how ambitious Australia’s gas sector is with its efforts. What it shows us is that gas has a pivotal role in protecting the carbon future of Australia, far beyond the year 2050.


Gas plays a major role in both our lifestyles and the economy. In years to come, it will be necessary to transform Australia into a clean energy region. Right now, gas heats, cooks, and provides the hot water for over six million homes in Australia. Around 44% of homes in Australia use gas. Gas accounts for almost a quarter of the energy supply, with almost 150,000 businesses relying on it. You can think of gas as a crop that feeds manufacturing companies that produce fertilisers, chemicals, and plastics. The mining industry also uses gas, with half of Australian gas being consumed by mining and manufacturing. Those industries alone contribute about $2 billion to the economy and employ almost a million Australians.


The vision laid out in Gas Vision 2050 shows how important it is for Australia to transform the resource of gas into services and products that add to the country’s prosperity, but also reach carbon neutrality. Gas has a crucial role to play in this. It’s cleaner than grid electricity, and moving to gas from coal is a risk-free way to reduce emissions.


Gas Vision 2050 is the natural step. It really highlights just what we are capable of when we decide to work together for a common good. In this case, the common good is a prosperous, energy-efficient, clean Australia.


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