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What is the New Petroleum and Gas (Safety) Regulation 2018?

The Queensland government recently updated its Petroleum and Gas (safety) Regulations. It was last updated in 2004. The current version is applicable September 1, 2018, onward. It has specific regulations for each industry, and if you are wondering which one applies to you, read below.

The Two Types of Regulations

There is two type of regulations every company or organisation has to follow. These include the following.

  1. Mandatory

All companies need to follow these rules and regulations to meet all safety requirements of that particular industry. For example, all workers should meet a set of competencies set by the regulation. There are requirements to meet for drilling and well-servicing positions, and not meeting any can result in penalties.

  1. Preferred

If you feel your company doesn’t need to adhere to the above set of rules and regulations, you need to be able to produce evidence that state that the level of risk by following your alternative would be equal or lesser than to the preferred standard. In case of alternative document evidence, you will have to submit written proof to the Chief Inspector.

This written proof needs to include the following.

– The reason in writing as to why you aren’t conforming to the regulations; and

– How submitting the alternative document creates an equal or less risk, which would have been the same in case the organisation decided to comply with the regulations

Codes of Practice

The organisation must follow four Codes of Practice. Here is a look at all of them. We have linked each to their resources so that you can read each below.

  1. The Competency standard
  2. The Australian Pipelines & Gas Association that looks at code practices for upstream gathering networks.
  3. The Code for how to deal with leak management, detection and reporting for a petroleum operating plant. This Practice Code deals with all that you need to do to prevent leaks, and how to report it if it happens.
  4. Code for the construction and abandonment of coal seam gas and petroleum wells, as well as any associated bores in the Province. The Practice Code deals with everything from coal gas seam wells to petroleum wells and water bores.

Expiry and renewal

The 2018 Petroleum and Gas (safety) Regulations will be used until September 1, 2028. Around the same time, the Queensland government will complete updating the requirements and publish a new one in the next three working days.


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