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Wi-Fi communications system improves underground connectivity

Powertec Telecommunications has announced the introduction of the Altai Super Wi-Fi Underground Communications System.

The Wi-Fi Underground Communication System (UCS) is a portable, IP-rated, bespoke solution which generates a closed loop IP-network above and below ground, allowing staff to take advantage of voice and data applications.

The system provides operators and customers the ability to achieve voice and data underground connectivity, and at the same time reduce business costs, increase productivity and improve staff safety.

“We are always reviewing our product lines to supply our resellers with solutions that respond to the needs of their clients.  The Wi-Fi UCS utilising carrier grade Altai Super Wifi components is ideal for replacing legacy underground communication systems that may still rely on UHF,” Powertec Telecommunications general manager Scott Hampton said.

Developer Geoff Carroll said the beauty of the system is its ability to create a portable closed loop IP-network to allow clients to utilise voice and data from tunnels, mines, lift shafts, in fact any application where staff need to work underground.

“Where once a team of consultants needed to be onsite, you can now greatly reduce this onsite team and they will access better information, but offsite from their office via video, photos, data, monitoring equipment and more,” Mr Carroll said. 

“In fact, where you have a job that can be run from a packet switch network there is no need to send maximum people to do the work.  

“You can utilise vision and data from a UCS system to improve the access and save money.”

Each Wi-Fi UCS uses job specific configuration and comes in prepackaged high impact pelican cases. The UCS is portable, scalable, and easy to deploy across a range of below-ground operations across mining, energy, water, gas, high rise building, marine and more.   

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