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Worker dies months after coal mine reopens

Gregory Crinum Coal Mine
Gregory Crinum Coal Mine

Workmates and loved ones are mourning the loss of an underground coal mine employee who died on the job.

Mastermyne Group confirmed the worker became fatally injured at Sojitz Corporation’s Gregory Crinum mine, about 60km northeast of Emerald.

“This is a tragic event and our immediate thoughts are with the family, friends and workmates of our employee,” Mastermyne managing director Tony Caruso said in a public statement.

“The safety and wellbeing of our staff is one of our core values. The cause of the incident will be thoroughly investigated, and we will continue to support the family and our work colleagues.”

Counselling services have been offered to all Mastermyne staff and others impacted.

The remarks came just months after the proponent reopened the operation. At the time the company promised to perform extensive underground testing before the underground pit returned to full operation in mid-2021. The mine was also touted to employ more than 300 workers.

Another worker was “safely extracted” from the mine and transported to hospital as a “precaution”. Mastermyne claimed it fully cooperated with investigations. Mine operations were temporarily suspended.

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