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World-first to eliminate CSG wellhead erosion


A world-first protection system is set to completely eliminate the rising costs of erosion in wellheads, marking an end to loss of containment in valves for coal seam gas operators in Australia and abroad. 

WellDog has partnered with engineering firm Keli Oil and Gas Holdings Pty Ltd (KOGH) to create ProSleave, a safe and simple invention based on resistant, ceramic sleeves inserted into the wellhead to protect against solids-based erosion at the areas needed the most.

The result is a reduction in loss of containment, meaning operators will be able to avoid expensive measures such as using a rig or stopping the well’s production, and will be launched in Australia before going global.

ProSleave Managing Director Kevin Hadfield said the highly engineered system was simple and would greatly minimise production downtime.

“This installation can be done on new wellheads, or in a hot tap situation on an existing wellhead,” Mr Hadfield said.

“At best, oil and gas producers are adding more valves to spread the erosion, and at worst are having to completely shut the well to avoid or fix loss of containment, which is incredibly expensive.

“In many cases, production has to be halted for long periods of time.

“ProSleave uses proprietary ceramic components to protect wellheads from solids-based erosion in gathering systems.

“This is the only product of its type in the world, and we developed it specifically for Queensland.

“We are working full-tilt to increase our manufacturing and service capabilities to meet that demand.”

Queensland’s CSG production has been plagued by produced solids since the industry started a decade ago.

In the past six years, WellDog became the industry leader in managing solids production issues by introducing to the market pump protection products like the PCPDefender™ automatic diverter valve and production optimisation tools like the PressureTuner downhole pressure monitoring system.

WellDog will be using its proven local expertise to install ProSleave safely and reliably in large volumes, with customer trials proving high demand for the innovative solution.

Similar challenges existed in other oil and gas operations around the world, meaning ProSleave will be introduced to North America shortly after its launch in Australia.

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