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Activists trespassed, spread staff personal details says $21B mine contractor

Galilee Blockade activist Daniel Bleakley
Galilee Blockade activist Daniel Bleakley (centre)

A multinational freight company slammed the door on talks with anti mining protestors after they allegedly entered the premises unlawfully and disclosed personal information about its employees.

Siemens Mobility, which recently won a tender for part of Adani Australia’s $21 billion Carmichael Coal Project, has ended discussions with the Galilee Blockade. The deal is worth about $31 million according to the activists.

‘Illegally trespassed’

A company spokesperson claimed a telephone conference had already been arranged with activists when they “illegally trespassed” and published personal information about some Siemens employees. The act of defiance made the business lose interest in continuing to engage with the group.

“[Dialogue that took place was] not a discussion, just a series of demands,” the spokesperson told the Australian Associated Press (AAP).

Disenchanted engineer Daniel Bleakley responded to this cancellation by supergluing his left hand onto the foyer window of the building where the business is based.

“We have to fight these companies who are continuing to do the wrong thing,” Bleakley said according to AAP.

Ordeal lasted for hours

It took three hours before police officers could finally dissolve the glue, safely remove his hand and arrest him.

“Send love to engineer Daniel Bleakley who has been released from custody after his three hour glue-on,” Galilee Blockade said on Facebook. “Siemens are only company left willing to undertake signalling work for Adani’s dirty coal railway, due to sign on this Friday.”

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Some of his 20 supporters displayed signs in the window saying “stop Adani’s coal mine” and “Siemens say no to coal” while others graffitied the glass with the words “no coal Siemens” and “climate crisis”.

They also laid a banner on the ground saying “Siemens: Get out of bed with Adani” and wrote “stop Adani” on the footpath.

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