QMEB » Anti coal activists sing ‘climate carols’ to potential partner of $21B project
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Anti coal activists sing ‘climate carols’ to potential partner of $21B project

Stop Adani at Aurizon
Stop Adani at Aurizon

Anti mining protestors got into the festive mood by singing parodies of Christmas carols and pop songs with environmental undertones on December 9.

Stop Adani sympathisers gathered at Aurizon’s Brisbane headquarters to try to make the rail freight company rule out transporting coal for Adani Australia’s Carmichael Coal Mine, about 160km northwest of ‎Clermont.

Classics ripped off

Protestors stood outside singing their spin on the holiday classic, Angels we have heard one high.

“Aurizon where is your plan for climate?” they can be heard singing on a Facebook video. “Been done merrily on high, the temperature is rising, with all the carbon in the sky isn’t that [surprising?]”

The group also performed a parody of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s 1960s music hit, Bad moon rising.

“I’ve got a message for Aurizon, I see troubles on the way, I see the ocean levels rising, bushfires are burning everyday,” they can be heard singing. “Don’t haul Adani’s coal, don’t let them dig that hole, climate crisis on the rise.”

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Playing with boxes

The group held banners and signs reading “stop Adani”, “is Adani worth our kids’ futures?” and “climate justice now protect country” depicting a communist fist.

They also chanted, “Hey Aurizon don’t be slack, stop Adani in its tracks”, dumped lumps of coal at the doorstep and ran around in cardboard train carriages with the words “Aurizon + Adani –> climate train wreck” painted on them.

The street performance failed to make Aurizon back down from partnering with Adani at the time of publication.

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