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Agreement signed on Alice Springs to Moomba Gas Pipeline Project

Alice Springs to Moomba
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A proposed gas pipeline linking the Northern Territory gas sector to gas markets in the eastern states is looking a little firmer with the signing of an agreement between two key states.

Under the plan a 1000 kilometre “missing link” would be constructed between gas pipeline infrastructure in Alice Springs and Moomba in the north east corner of South Australia.

A memorandum of understanding regarding the project was signed on Friday in Sydney by NT Chief Minister Adam Giles and NSW Premier Mike Baird.

The new link could see a gas pipeline network running  all the way from the Browse Basin, off the northern coast of Western Australia, to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and as far south as Hobart.

The plan is expected to cost between $900 million to $1.3 billion and is hoped to be operational by mid-2018.

At the signing Mr Baird said, “What this will do is bring additional gas, provide more opportunity for contracts for them and … bring downward pressure on prices.”

“Do we want coal seam gas? Absolutely we do,” the Premier said.

“Do we want coal seam gas in balance with ensuring there’s not damage to our water aquifers? That’s absolutely where we stand.”

Mr Giles said a gas pipeline linking the entire country would provide energy security for many years to come.

“(That’s) something that Australia doesn’t have now,” he said.

“Some sort of a hub itself will assist us in being able to replicate what they have in other nations such as the USA.”

Expressions of interest for building and operating the pipeline open next Thursday.

News Source: Business Spectator

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