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Algae-X (AXI) – Fuel conditioning systems

Prior to 1974 (the Arab oil embargo), all diesel was produced by distillation 60% fuel extraction, 40% byproducts from each barrel of crude oil.

Distilled diesel is a very stable fuel and is today supplied primarily for specialised military use only about 5% of the diesel produced nowadays is distilled fuel.

This means that 95% of modern diesel fuel is a complex blend of distilled (approx. 70%) and catalytically cracked (approx. 30%) light and medium fuels derived from various crude oil stocks, blended diesel fuel is a very unstable organic liquid and will form sediments and larger fuel particles over time (weeks to months).

The deterioration is caused by several the polymerisations, agglomeration, and presence of water, microbes, heat, pressure and oxidation.

Additional factors to this deterioration are the presences of dirt, dust, rust and insects in the storage tanks and vessels.

All these combine to create a range of symptoms that end with poor quality fuel, such as the formation of tank sludges, glazing of cylinder bore, increased fuel consumption, carbon and tar deposits on the turbocharger, high exhaust gas temperatures, soot and smoke and oil contamination.

The use of the (AXI) process reverses polymerisation, eliminates tank sludges, bacteria and fungi, it clears lacquer and carbon deposits in addition to increasing filter, pump and injector life considerably.

The benefits
With the introduction of an (AXI) unit and or system you can expect to see a range of positives such as extended filter life, improved filter efficiency, reduced pump failure, and injector failure, elimination of lacquers and carbon deposits, reduced exhaust gas temperatures, elimination of tank sludges and turbocharger deposits, reduction of soot and smoke, reduced fuel consumption with increase fuel efficiency (increased range).

Where does it start
It starts like any other problem with a health check!

We come to you and provide an obligation free HEALTH check on the condition of your fuel.

Through this we can show you exactly what is going on with your fuel and advise the next steps to correct and improve the performance of your equipment, increase its working life and in the process to greatly improve it’s efficiency meaning an ongoing cost saving across the board.

The Future
At Aersion we are committed to providing an ongoing support program aimed at maintaining your fuel integrity and ensuring your plant and equipment is monitored.

We establish a regular health check pattern to suit your needs and requirements.

We provide a proactive approach to predicting issues long before they may become a problem.

Through our trained sales and service team we are able to provide a Total approach to our relationship.

When you invest in an AXI system you don’t just get a piece of world class technology you get the Total support of Aersion who are able to offer much more than a piece of equipment.

At Aersion we offer a complete design, build and construct support along with a first class ongoing maintenance and support Team committed to providing sustainable and cost effective solutions.

Supplied by Brian Hooker of Aerison Pty Ltd www.aerison.com


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