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Reduced time and less risk during conveyor maintenance

It is important to design and manufacture conveyor belt products to improve safety and productivity.

The products listed below will minimise downtime, Improve productivity and most importantly Maximise Safety. It works by lifting the belt off frames and idlers for easy access and can be easily adapted to suit new and older conveyor systems. With the combination of the below tools its achievable of reporting an increase in productivity by as much as 14,000 tonnes per unscheduled shutdown and save a four man team up to six hours per roller change out.

A BUTMENT IDLER: This is a fixed unit that simply bolts on to the stringers in place of the existing idler frames. They are capable of lifting a fully loaded belt to a capacity of five tonnes using a 24V portable hydraulic lifting system specifically designed and patented or can be converted to use a mechanical screw jack system. The major benefits of these units are their ability to lift loaded belts and the number of idlers/rollers exposed with each lift.

PORTABLE SOLUTION: This can be achieved with our carbon fibre portable abutment idlers. They can be manufactured to fit on to three conveyor belt sizes, making them a very affordable product compared to other portable lifters currently available. This unit can also be lifted using either our portable hydraulic pack or a screw jack system. The biggest surprise to our clients with this product is its ability to lift up to a loaded belt to the SWL of 2.5 tonne. The ability to do this and its super lightweight construction weighs well under 20kg certainly makes it a viable option to any other product currently being offered for the same task.

ROLLER REMOVAL TOOLS: This tool has the ability to loosen the roller shafts from their brackets without the need to use jimmy bars or sledge hammers. This tool is used in conjunction with the 24V portable hydraulic power pack. RETURN ROLLER

REMOVAL FROM HEIGHTS: This unit is designed together with our tooling to remove the return rollers from the stackers, reclaimers, ship loader booms and other elevated conveyor belt structures. The main aim of this tool is to remove these rollers safely from hard to get to areas.

CONVEYOR BELT CARRY ROLLERS: Designed and tested over a period of ten years in harsh Pilbara environment. All our rollers are reusable by simply changing any damaged seals and bearings as long as the shaft and the tube are in good condition. They can be supplied with generic bearings or superior bearing. Rollers combined with the use of superior bearings have a four year manufactures warranty (conditions apply).

Aerison designs and manufactures conveyor belt products to improve safety and productivity.

Supplied by Brian Hooker of Aerison Pty Ltd www.aerison.com

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