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Anti coal protestor warned not to glue himself to bridge again or else

Extinction Rebellion on Victoria Bridge
Extinction Rebellion on Victoria Bridge

An anti mining activist who allegedly glued himself to a busy city bridge will not walk away so easily next time, a judge warned on September 13.

Queensland Magistrate Penelope Hay has put Extinction Rebellion protestor Connor James Brooks, 18, on notice after he allegedly superglued himself to the asphalt on Victoria Bridge in the Brisbane CBD on September 12.

‘Very dangerous’

Hay reportedly told Brooks his behaviour was “potentially very dangerous” and warned she might impose bail restrictions to stop him from joining disruptive protests if he appears in court again according to the Nine Network.

The teen spent a night at Brisbane Watch House and was charged with obstructing police and pedestrians. He intends to plead not guilty based on climate change being an “extraordinary emergency” that allows breaking the law when he next appears in court on September 25.

“My duty lawyer suggested I seek an adjournment as I intend to plead not guilty,” Brooks told News Limited.

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Police carry acetone

Queensland Police is responding to a jump in civil disobedience by having more officers carry acetone, which allows them to quickly remove superglue and avoid having to wait anywhere between 45 minutes and three hours.

Police also detained fellow protestor Tiana Crouch, 17, who also superglued herself to Victoria Bridge. The girl indicated she would keep resorting to civil disobedience and “whatever it takes” to make the State Government listen.

The act resembled a similar stunt Eric Herbert, 19, and a young woman pulled to defy the Queensland Government shortly after it approved Adani Australia’s Carmichael Coal Project on June 14. Herbert was fined $550.

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