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Anti-mining protestors delay coal operation

Extinction Rebellion coal protesters
Extinction Rebellion coal protesters

Environmental activists temporarily postponed resources activities to openly oppose fossil fuels.

Extinction Rebellion recently organised a protest against Bathurst Resources’ Takitimu Coal Mine, 156km south of Queenstown.

Demonstrators dressed up in costumes and erected a booth that directs train drivers to stop on the way to Fonterra’s Clandeboye processing plant, 143km southwest of Christchurch. They also wrapped oversized coal lumps in “climate crime scene” tape before stamping the commodity with labels saying “not to be burned”.

“A booth was set up on the tracks to stop and search any passing trains for coal, and three large pieces were caught and released after promising not to be burned,” activist Bruce Mahalski said on Facebook.

The proponent previously refused to transition away from fossil fuels, and will push ahead with its Takitimu mine expansion as long as Fonterra keeps ordering coal.

“Fonterra have no plans to stop using coal until 2035,” Mahalski said.

“Nothing has changed, coal imports continue to increase and emissions keep rising. This is in direct contravention of our government’s declaration of a climate emergency in 2020.”

Extinction Rebellion also wants Fonterra to convert coal-fired plants to either electricity or “wood” power instead.

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