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Australasian mine safety journal reaches milestone

Australasian mine safety reaches milestone
Australasian mine safety journal has gained a following of more than 40K users from Australia and internationally

Australasian Mine Safety Journal (AMSJ) has reached another milestone as Australasia’s premier mine safety magazine and online website.  The magazine and website have now reached more than 40K fans on social media. Fans regularly follow updates on mine safety news, events, research and case studies throughout the region and across the world.

Australasian Mine Safety Journal was founded in late 2005 by safety consultant John Ninness. John told Queensland Mining & Energy Bulletin that ‘back in 2005 he was travelling as a consultant between mine sites and often noticed great initiatives in safety that were not evident to other sites just a few kilometres down the road.” He said the objective of the magazine was to “increase awareness and sharing of mining safety initiatives and practices across the Asia Pacific Region.”

Ninness told QMEB that the magazine soon found a following in mining safety practitioners and mine managers who sought to improve safety practice. It also provided an opportunity for those suppliers of safety products and services to showcase their own initiatives in mining safety. But he said as social media developed, the online content also opened up the product to people from all walks of life and responsibilities in mining.

Over time the magazine has developed as an objective authoritative voice for all things mine safety in the region and, was recognised for in 2014 and 2015 in the Publisher’s Australia Awards. Ninness said, “the breadth of content and speed of release has increased significantly from the early days.” It now provided “mining safety news and information to the industry on most days.”

Ninness who left the magazine in 2007, after its’ masthead was sold to Australian Publishing Resource Services, recently returned to the helm of the journal recently as Consultant Editor. He told QMEB “it’s been a long journey for the magazine and its’ growing digital presence. While the audience has grown substantially, the core is still there.”


Ninness, who is an experienced safety practitioner and Principal of consulting firm Safetysure, said he said he hoped that he could further develop Australasian Mine Safety Journal to become a key leading global resource for mine safety-related information. He said, “It’s (AMSJ) objectives are still the same as it was when he founded it.”  He added  “it now reaches significantly more people with more information to help them understand hazards and improve safety and health across the industry. We will aim to ensure that our content strategy delivers across research, case studies, historical events and practices together with mining safety innovation.”

Magazine Publisher’s representative Garth Wright said “The journal (AMSJ) is highly relevant and has carved a niche in the mining and resources industry. It’s an honour to hear of people from across the industry acknowledging the contributions that the information has made to their work environments. We are very excited that John will be working with us to grow the platform further from a technical perspective.”

Wright said, “We regularly receive feedback from people across the globe who have told us that the content provided by Australasian Mine Safety Journal has changed their work practices and helped them develop strategies for the control of hazards.”

Australasian Mine Safety Journal is published by APRS Media Publications. A privately held Australian company.

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