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New lung disease register invites industry to report dust exposure

Lung disease dust exposure coal mining
Coal mining

Mine workers who know someone recently exposed to inorganic dust are invited to report the incident on a new lung disease register.

The Queensland Health Notifiable Dust Lung Disease Register is collecting information about dust lung diseases like silicosis and pneumoconiosis to provide coal miners and stonemasons with better workplace health and safety protections across the Sunshine State.

“The register also will allow us to capture incidences of other dust lung diseases from working environments where workers are exposed to inorganic dust,” State Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy Dr Anthony Lynham said in a public statement.

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The invitation came after the State Government amended the Public Health Act 2005 and Public Health Regulation 2018, allowing for information on a variety of occupational dust diseases to be recorded.

“Last September we announced $25 million over two years to deliver more reforms to protect coal workers’ health and safety,” Lynham said. “We will continue to deliver on our commitment to coal workers across Queensland.”

The State Government describes the new register as extra work safety protection for mine workers.

“Every Queensland worker has the right to safe working conditions,” State Minister for Industrial Relations Grace Grace said. “The Queensland Health Notifiable Dust Lung Disease Register provides a further layer of protection for workers, and will provide government with important data on work related occupational lung disease.”

All current and former mine workers and stonemasons are encouraged to visit their doctor for a health screening.

“If you have been affected by exposure to dust during your work, please get yourself checked out,” State Minister for Health and Ambulance Services Steven Miles said. “Early detection of some dust-lung conditions may make the difference between life and death for patients.”

Under the new changes, doctors specialising in occupational and respiratory medicine must report cases of occupational dust lung diseases to the Queensland Health Notifiable Dust Lung Disease Register.

For more information phone the Workplace Health and Safety Queensland hotline on 1300 362 128 or visit the register website.

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  • Picture of a worker blowing out a Air Filter Element in the workshop is a big no no to start with. The P2 mask wont do much to protect him and blowing out filters like that causes holes in the paper element which then dusts the motor. This is a classic example of cutting corners and not following safety protocol. The owner is probably too tight to buy new filters or sent them out to be cleaned by a professional filer cleaning company.

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