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Award-winning documentary reveals story of Qld coalfields

Documenting the story of Queensland’s coalfields, the multi-award winning documentary, Blood on the Coal – the Queensland Miners’ Story, is set to play on the big screen screen on September 2, in Brisbane, as well as other locations around the country.

Narrated by Jack Thompson, Blood On the Coal tells the story of Queensland coalfields, one of the world’s richest energy resources and for 150 years a bitter industrial battleground.

Kianga Bore Hole

A story of struggle and tragedy, the film features harrowing underground disasters, heroic rescues and traces a history of strikes, industrial turmoil and the current push by global mining giants to replace local mineworkers with a subservient itinerant workforce.

Blood on the Coal explores the ongoing values of mateship, community spirit and unity in the face of powerful opposing forces. It documents injustice, bears witness to the human cost of mining and reveals how ordinary workers and their families pay the ultimate price for corporate greed and government neglect.

The stories in the film are told with compelling honesty and humour by miners and their communities who survive in one of the world’s most hazardous industries. Featured among those is the incredible story of Digger Murphy, a 94-year-old veteran of the Queensland Miner’s Union.

Produced by Matilda Films, Blood on the Coal has received three international awards including the Gold Award at the Worldfest Houston and the Award of Excellence at both the Indie Fest International Film Festival and the Accolade Global Film Competition.

Mines Rescue
A historic mines rescue


   Adelaide – 6.30pm on 26th August at Palace Nova Eastend

   Melbourne – 6.30pm on 26th August at Village Cinemas Crown Towers

   Brisbane – 6.30pm on 2nd September at Event Cinemas, Myer Centre

   Ipswich – 6.30pm on 7th and 9th September at Event Cinemas

   Mackay City – 6.30pm on 7th September at Event Cinemas

   Toowoomba Strand 6.30pm on 7th September at Event Cinemas

   Rockhampton6.30pm on 7th September at Event Cinemas

   TICKETS: $20. Available from www.bloodonthecoal.com



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