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Big diesel bill?

Dual Fuel Conversions
The financial savings that can be made through converting a diesel engine to a dual-fuel system, (diesel and natural gas) can be significant, with return on investment periods of often less than one year. As an added benefit, this conversion is achieved without all the normal problems associated with gas engines and with a minimum down time for your business.

Greenbird Technology and ComAp have many years experience in the conversion of both high and low speed diesel engines to dual-fuel using unique, in-house designed, high-speed gas valves for gas injection into the individual cylinders. They also design and manufacture electronic control systems for dual fuel engines based on the highly successful InteliGen range.

How Does Dual-Fuel Work?
Duel-Fuel operation means the diesel engine is converted to use two fuels, natural gas and diesel at the same time. Natural gas is main fuel and a small diesel portion is used for the ignition of the gas/air mixture inside the cylinder. With the ComAp system, the components of the engine are not changed so that it is a relatively simple conversion to perform.

The system continuously monitors key engine parameters to adjust gas flow rates at high speed to introduce exactly the required quantity of gas into each cylinder. The diesel engine requires no internal mechanical modifications and the engine can return to 100% diesel operation at any time without needing to shut down.

Why the ComAp System is Different
There are other systems available, but they usually require mechanical modifications to the engine and critically, don’t dynamically adjust to the engine’s needs. As the load on the engine changes, the gas requirement also changes, and this ability to respond is a key feature of the ComAp system.

Alternative systems use a fixed gas/diesel ratio for a certain engine load, so that outside of this window the engine becomes less efficient, or even in extreme cases, can be damaged. This has led to a poor reputation in the marketplace for dual fuel conversions, but the ComAp system bares no resemblance to these inferior systems. ComAp is so confi dent about their system, that they guarantee their system against causing any engine damage.

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