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Linking workforce planning to the recruitment and retention of skilled workers

Traditionally, human resources management in the mining sector had a workforce strategy that echoed the “boom or bust” nature of the industry. Now, in addition to the pre-existing skill shortage in mining, HR managers have to face fierce competition in newly started LNG construction projects that have both the “bucks” and the “must have on the CV” reputation. This shift has forced major project managers, as well as HR professionals, to rethink their approach on planning, attracting and retaining skilled staff on mining projects.

Mining IQ’s Workforce Planning & Management in Mining 2012 conference is proud to introduce a panel of speakers including top mining companies and mining contractors that understand their future employee is looking for more than just a great pay cheque and are applying best strategies that will help you:

  • Avoid delayed projects delivery caused by lack of available workforce
  • Reduce turnover and see the return of investment on the training and development programs
  • Increase retention rates with a clear internal promotion structure

What are the key topics to be addressed at Workforce Planning & Management in Mining 2012?

  • Creating an attractive employer brand for your company to comprehensively communicate your Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and improve your talent acquisition
  • Integrating risk management into your workforce planning strategy to deliver flexibility in the event of high turnover
  • Evaluating FIFO strategies, their flexibility and the impact they have on your employees’ lifestyle
  • Implementing bonus structures to keep your organisation competitive
  • Developing training programs that keep the employee satisfied and the project running
  • Analysing the impacts and challenges of attracting international talent
  • Tapping into the underused talent that is already in your organisation
  • Leveraging the global network for attraction of top employees
  • Building a full pipeline of potential candidates

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