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Bravus pays anti-coal activist after losing defamation lawsuit

Frontline Action on Coal blockade
Frontline Action on Coal blockade

A multinational resources company has been ordered to give compensation after allegedly slandering an anti-mining protestor at a $2 billion coal project in Central Queensland’s Galilee Basin.

Bravus Mining and Resources (formerly known as Adani Australia) has agreed to pay $2000 in damages after failing to provide conclusive evidence of Frontline Action on Coal activists attacking workers outside the Carmichael Coal Project, 160km northwest of Clermont.

Throwing rocks, kicking doors

The proponent had accused Scott Daines and other demonstrators of throwing rocks and kicking the doors of work utility vehicles in a social media post, on the old Adani Facebook page, dated 8 October 2020.

“The workers reported the activists had blocked the road so they could not pass,” the company said according to the group.

“Activists then approached the vehicle, grabbed the bull bar, shook the vehicle and laid on the bonnet. The activists took many photos through the windows and attempted to frighten, intimidate and harass the workers.”

Failed to verify claims

The only video of the incident shows activists blocking the road, stopping two utes and speaking with the drivers who tried to clear the blockade.

Adani deleted the post and apologised for “any hurt or distress this post may have caused” through the old Adani Facebook page on Christmas Eve. However, the group demanded a second apology on the new Bravus Facebook page, forcing the company to repeat the message on January 28.

‘Blatant lies’

After reading both apologies Daines publicly criticised Bravus for spreading “blatant lies” about activists who disapproved of the mine “polluting the planet”.

“Adani have been found guilty of lying to the government, lying to other coal companies and now – in this case – lying to the public, their lawyers and me,” he said on Facebook.

“Adani are serial offenders when it comes to lying and nothing they say can be trusted.”

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The group admitted its relentless civil disobedience has forced the proponent to spend an extra $5 million on boosting security at the mine site.

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