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Cirlock circuit breaker lock

Universal Lockout Devices by Cirlock

Circuit Breaker Lockouts function effectively by isolating the switch to prevent accidental start-up of equipment when being worked on during construction, installation, or maintenance. This in turn...

Cirlock valve lockout main

Valve Lockouts

Valve Lockout Devices are used to close off many kinds of pressured valves to ensure that the machinery remains switched off while workers carry out maintenance work. Cirlock have a full range of...

Cirlock group lock boxes

Site Safety – Lockout Stay Safe!

Group lock boxes of all sizes One person, one lock If more than one person is working on the same plant, each person should attach their own personal padlock to each isolation point to prevent the...

Beaconsfield mine break in

Mine repeatedly robbed despite high security

Opportunists broke into a mining operation after surveillance equipment was fitted. Authorities recently investigated a robbery that caused extensive damage to NQ Minerals’ Beaconsfield mine. A...

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