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Bulldozer used in horror attack stolen from Glencore mine

The bulldozer used to flatten a home in a terrifying attack on Monday at Teralba, near Newcastle, was stolen from a nearby mine site.

According to a report by ABC News, mining company Glencore said the bulldozer was taken from its Macquarie Coal Preparation Plant in Teralba on Sunday night.

DESTRUCTION: A home was flattened by a stolen bulldozer. Photo: ABC News


A 48-year-old man was arrested at the scene after allegedly using the bulldozer to flatten four cars and chase a man who had been sleeping in a shed before destroying the house

The incident occurred at about 7.30am on Monday morning, leaving three people inside the home fearing for their lives.

According to ABC News, Inspector David Matthews said the ordeal ended when a police officer climbed onto the bulldozer after it became bogged.

He used an emergency stop button to turn it off before he and another officer arrested the driver.

Inspector Matthews said the man, who had previously lived with the residents of the house, then drove the bulldozer through the back of house.

He was charged with 17 offences, including destroying or damaging property with intent to endanger life and breaching an apprehended violence order.

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