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Coal industry supporters urged to support new sector website

The silent majority of Australians who support coal can now have a voice through a new pro-coal industry website, according to site developers The Minerals Council of Australia (MCA).

The MCA claims that public and private polling over several years has consistently shown strong support for Australia’s coal sector, the 200,000 jobs its supports, the $40 billion in export income it will generate this year and the $5 billion in wages and $4 billion in royalties its pays annually.

The new website, www.australiansforcoal.com.au, has been designed to give Australians who support the coal sector a chance to have a say and “not allow a small number of noisy extremists to create the false impression that the community does not support Australia’s second largest export sector,” according to the MCA.

“The export forecasts for coal are strong and the outlook for a continued strong contribution to economic growth over coming decades. Coal will remain the region’s primary source of affordable energy and the basis of its energy security.”

“The industry’s opponents refuse to accept or understand that it is possible to have a strong coal sector and a low emissions economy. Modern coal-fired power stations are reducing CO2 emissions by 30 per cent and carbon capture and storage is a reality with 21 large-scale CCS projects in operation or construction – a 50 per cent increase since 2011.”

“The campaign to end coal production and exports will fail, not least because the activists cannot explain what will be used to build the bridges, schools, hospitals and the fast trains of the future. Every tonne of steel produced in basic oxygen furnaces contains about 770 kilograms of coal. And without coal there will be no wind energy – there is 250 tonnes of coal in every wind turbine.”

Visit the site at www.australiansforcoal.com.au.

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