QMEB ยป Coal mine could increase worker wages by up to $40K
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Coal mine could increase worker wages by up to $40K

Mount Pleasant Coal Mine
Mount Pleasant Coal Mine

An economically efficient mineral producer might need to dramatically lift remuneration at one of its operations.

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) is considering a Same Job Same Pay application for equal pay rates to be offered across all employees at MACH Energy’s Mount Pleasant coal mine.

The site previously reported a total workforce of 340 direct workers and contractors.

“If approved the order would lift the pay of Programmed production employees to match production operators employed under the Thiess Mount Pleasant Operation Enterprise Agreement. The pay differential ranges from approximately $30,000 to $40,000 a year,” the Mining and Energy Union (MEU) said in a public statement.

Labour hire workers could receive a pay rise as early as November 2024 if FWC upholds MEU’s argument.

“Mount Pleasant is a classic example of the labour hire rort where Programmed labour hire production workers perform the same work on the same equipment under the same supervision as Thiess production workers,” northern mining and NSW energy district president Robin Williams said.

“The tide is turning. Our message to all labour hire and contractor mineworkers across the industry is to join the union, help us make strong Same Job Same Pay applications and return fairness to the industry.”

The Federal Government recently closed loopholes that resources producers had used to outsource workers and pay fewer benefits even though they perform the same duties as permanent colleagues.

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