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Contract extended for $20bn mining project in CQ

A diversified mining services company has received a contract extension for part of a $20 billion resource development in Central Queensland.

Decmil Australia recently secured an extension to its contract with QGC for part of the Queensland Curtis Island Liquefied Natural Gas (QCLNG) Project, which is 12km east off the shore of Gladstone.

The deal further extends Decmil’s existing QCG wellsite installation services contract through to 30 June 2017.

The Queensland Mining and Energy Bulletin can confirm the agreement is worth $17 million.

Work delivered under the latest contract includes field logistics, some material supply, wellhead construction and provision of construction management services.

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  • Curtis island is 70kms of gladstone?
    Took us around q5mins on a 500 seater ferry to get to work when i was there…….must have been built by Tardis lol.
    Noone ever seems to mention facts like Gladstone has twice the cancer rate than the redt of Queensland combined!……
    And even the fish grow lumps on their bodies! Oh and if you use any handrails in gladstone your hands will go black.. perhaps from the coal dust.??or maybe because factories purge these huge chimneys at 10/11pm every night!
    Hell just go into the local shops and see the people that have been there for years have funny eyes and strange gtowths on them
    Money seems to hush those important little issues tho
    Oh they also mass produce other poisons like cyanides etc (orica)….so all they need now to complete their litgle c town of poisons is a uranium plant!
    Thank god we live in the free world?

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