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Precious stone mine in Northern Australia ramps-up operations

A precious stone producer is ramping-up its operations in the Top End.

Merlin Diamonds recently revealed it is increasing production at its Merlin Diamond Mine, 100km south of Borroloola in the Northern Territory.

The Merlin Diamond Field consists of 13 known kimberlites in three separate clusters. Ten of the kimberlites have been partially mined to date.

According to the proponent, a total of 29,000 tonnes of ore from the oversize stockpiles have been crushed and screened to date for treatment via the separation plant. Diamonds are being recovered on a daily basis and the final recovery section has been commissioned, allowing continuous rather than batch operations to take place.

Mining equipment is currently being mobilised for a short mining campaign before the end of 2016 to supplement ore stockpile inventories. A back-up power supply for the plant and improved reticulation has also been successfully commissioned.

The mine produced Australia’s largest ever diamond, measuring 104.73 carats.

The combined Resource and Ore Reserve estimate for all of the diamond pipes at the Merlin Mine is 27.8 million tonnes at 16 carats per hundred tonnes, for 4.35 million carats.

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