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Contractor reviews role in $21B coal mine after receiving 30,000 emails

Galilee Blockade at Siemens
Galilee Blockade at Siemens

A multinational freight company has been swamped with tens of thousands of emails, forcing it to reconsider its successful tender for part of a $21 billion coal project in Central Queensland.

Siemens Mobility recently won a rail signalling system contract for Adani Australia’s Carmichael Coal Project, 160km northwest of Clermont. The contractor is tasked with supplying and installing a digital system that helps avoid derailments and keep trains running safely and efficiently across the Carmichael Rail Network.

50 jobs promised

Siemens has confirmed it will make a final decision on whether to accept the deal estimated to be worth $31 million and also create up to 50 local jobs for project staff, engineers, construction workers and tradespeople.

“I want to thank everyone for reaching out on the Adani project in Australia,” Siemens AG president and CEO Joe Kaeser said on Twitter. “I was not aware of and take your concerns seriously. I will diligently look into the matter and get back to you soon. Siemens’ view and decision may or may not change but you deserve an answer.”

30,000 emails counted

The announcement came after the company email address received about 30,000 emails from anti mining activists according to Galilee Blockade. Protestors later dumped a pile of burnt wood outside of Siemens’ Queensland head office and blamed the contractor for fuelling bushfires that raged across the East Coast, even though Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack said many of them were in fact deliberately lit by teenage “lucifers”.

“A week ago John almost lost his home to a bushfire,” Galilee Blockade spokesperson Ben Pennings said on Twitter. “Will Siemens burn the coal with the Adani match? We are never going to leave Siemens alone until they dump Adani.”

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‘Bullying and harassment’

Adani defended its decision to award the contract to Siemens and said it would not be “intimidated or deterred” from delivering the project’s promised 10,000 jobs.

Liberal National Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington also rejected any form of “bullying and harassment of law-abiding businesses” that puts local jobs at risk because Labor Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk “fails to stand up to these extremists”.


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  • project can not and will not deliver 10,000 jobs, in court, under oath, they stated closer to 1,000 jobs.

  • Please be courageous, for the sake of our children, stop mining now, in the scheme of things those kob losses are a blib on the terrible events increasing co2 levels will cause.

  • Please don’t build for Andani..he needs to get out of Australia he is dirty@ People will boycott Swim and & you will get an extremely bad reputation.

  • I expect QME to advocate for mining and energy projects in Australia; it’s what it does. But it also has a duty to print the truth, and the statement “the project’s promised 10,000 jobs” should not pass unchallenged. Adani’s representative in a court of law has admitted that the number of jobs at the mine is expected to be closer to 1500 – and that was before the company announced a massive downsizing of the project. QME should be printing the whole truth, not the bit that is most convenient.

    Further, although QME has a right to be partisan in its support for mining and energy projects, surely it’s time to take the politics and self-interest out of the climate crisis, cease support for damaging projects and promote a transition to renewable energy.

  • The number of times “our” gov’t has screwed Àussies is sickening! This is yet another. I REALLY hope Joe Kaeser gives Adani the push. It’s no more than they deserve!

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