QMEB ยป Contractors axed from Curragh mine in central Queensland
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Contractors axed from Curragh mine in central Queensland

Wesfarmers Resources has announced it is cutting 70 contractors from its Curragh mine, near Blackwater, by the end of the week.

Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union spokesman Steve Smyth said it was another blow to the small Blackwater community, ABC News reported.

“Regional Queensland’s under the pump generally with the state of the industry and employment not just in mining but in other sectors as well and Blackwater’s a prime example of that,” he said.

“They’re really under the pump and then losing one person is one too many at the moment, so it’ll have another dramatic effect on the township of Blackwater.”

Mr Smyth said many workers would struggle to find new jobs.

“My understanding is they’re predominantly operator jobs, so truck drivers, graders, dozers and that type of equipment and there is a large number of people in the same employment or the same classification or same occupations that are looking for jobs right around the Bowen Basin,” he said.

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