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Projecting forward

We’ve had a whip around the state to provide you with a small sample of proposed mining and energy projects to keep your eye on, and updates on current developments.

    Who: Resolve Exploration and Mining
    What: Thermal coal project
    Where: Galilee Basin, 140km south of Charters Towers.
    Why: The project will produce about 10 million tonnes of coal per year, with a mine lifespan of more than 60 years.
    You don’t say: The project is the closest Galilee Basin coal project to the Abbot Point Coal Terminal, and is favourably placed for road, water and electricity planned infrastructure for the Galilee Basin.
    Status: Pre-feasibility study is in progress.
    Source: www.hydeparkcoal.com.au
    Who: Metro Mining Limited
    What: Bauxite integrated mine and port project
    Where: In a remote site, 95km north of Weipa on Western Cape in North Queensland.
    Why: The mine is expected to produce two million tonnes per annum of direct shipment ore (DSO) with a mine lifespan of 21 years.
    You don’t say: The company has been and will continue to work closely and respectfully with the local indigenous community, giving priority employment to locals.
    Status: Pre-development and approvals have commenced, pre-feasibility study has been completed and production is on schedule for 2016.
    Source: www.metromining.com.au/resources-projects/bauxite-projects/bauxite-hills-project
    Who: Moreton Resources
    What: Underground coal mining project
    Where: 25 km northeast of Blackwater in central Queensland’s Bowen Basin.
    Why: The project is expected to produce 201 million tonne of coal. You don’t say: The project is situated between the current operating mines of Yarrabee to the northeast, Jellinbah to the southwest, and Mackenzie South to the northwest.
    Status: Accepting early registrations of interests from sub-contractors.
    Source: www.moretonresources.com.au/project-overview/mackenzie-coal-project
    Who: Adani Mining
    What: $16.5 billion coal and rail project
    Where: The Galilee Basin in Central Queensland, about 160km northwest of Clermont.
    Why: The mine is expected to produce 60 million tonne of product per annum over a life span of about 60-90 years.
    You don’t say: The project will reportedly supply Indian power plants with enough coal to generate electricity for up to 100 million people.
    Status: Construction is expected to begin in coming months, as soon as federal approval is granted for the dredging program and its board of directors give the green light.
    Source: www.adanimining.com/Australia-Carmichael-coal

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