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Cost effective shelter solutions have hit the market

Container shelters are a cost effective alternative for companies looking to provide covered outdoor work areas or protect expensive machinery and tools from Australia’s harsh elements.

Portable shelters are also a highly feasible solution to problems caused by the Australian elements. They minimise downtime due to rain, and maximise employee efficiency by providing cooler working conditions out of the direct sun.

When additional covered storage space is required quickly, portable freestanding shelters and container shelters are a viable option. Research has uncovered that there are very few companies who are able to provide cost effective, temporary shelter solutions at very short notice. Except, that is, for Shelter Station.

Shelter Station services all aspects of the mining sector efficiently with their flat packed products, which come crated and ready-to-ship to any location in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. All models are available directly from the warehouse shelves – no lead times to worry about. Shelter Station provides both container shelter solutions, as well as free standing units up to 25 metres long. These come in kit form ready to be shipped at your company’s convenience.

Shelter Station units can be installed within hours on a range of surfaces and foundations. Concrete footings are not always necessary for many of these products. Designed to be easily demountable and relocatable at any time, installation is quick and trouble free. UV stabilised skins of 300gm/m2 polymer are used on most freestanding shelters, while a 610gm/m2 PVC is used on the range of container shelters. Skins are attached and tensioned onto frames using a unique ratchet system, which provides strength and stability to each unit. Most units feature heavy duty, powder-coated, steel frames, while others have galvanised steel frames, and hot dip galvanised base plates or rails.

The Shelter Station container shelters are made to suit standard 20 and 40 foot sea containers, spanning widths of 6, 8, 10 and 12 metres. Heights of the container shelters range between 2 and 5 metres. Trucks, buses, earth moving equipment, fork hoists, stacks of pallets/steel and cranes are all comfortably accommodated under these heights.

Temporary and portable shelters are versatile products. Within the Shelter Station range there will be a shelter solution that suits the size, width, and height specifications of any job. The tensioned membrane shelters are suitable as mine site storage and covered work areas, car garages, workshops, spray painting booths, caravan & motor home covers, general storage, welding stations, general factory processes, fork lift entry, pallet storage, and much, much more. Even avid gardeners are catered for with a range of hothouse and shadecloth covers available for a selection of their models.

The largest free standing structure in the Shelter Station range is 25 metres long by eight metres wide and 4.2 metres high. This unit, known affectionately as “The Mutha Shelter” has also been successfully installed on sea containers. It is really a magnificent shelter to look at; the m2 area this unit covers is impressive.

The newly introduced 12m wide container shelter, designed specifically for 40ft containers, features a truss frame portal design, making it super strong and stable. Combined with the heavy 610gm/m2 PVC cover this shelter has been an instant hit within all area’s of the mining, roading, engineering and construction industries. Closed in end walls, or ends with mechanical wind up doors can be supplied as an optional extra with this new shelter.

Recent economic times suggest cost effective alternatives for shelter and cover are preferential. Many companies have already realised the multitude of benefits gained from purchasing a Shelter Station temporary shelter. Not only will they save your company volumes in economic terms, but the savings in time lost (due to weather), and time gained (due to simplicity of assembly) are just as notable.

To find out more, or to view the Shelter Station range, visit the Shelter Station website www.shelterstation.com or feel free to phone them nationwide on their toll free number: 1800 199 060.

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