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Art of Procurement’s New Whitepaper: Boosting Value Through Spend Visibility

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In a recent partnership, Art of Procurement and Synertrade, a top global e-procurement systems provider, have collaboratively launched a whitepaper titled ‘Building Procurement Value Through Spend Visibility’. This document delves into the importance of establishing a unified view of expenditure activities.

The whitepaper explains how procurement professionals can use spend data to make informed decisions, strengthen supplier ties, optimise savings, and generate added value for their respective enterprises with digital procurement solutions.

Key takeaways from the whitepaper include:

– Streamlining spend data for optimal outcomes.

– Tapping into the potential of spend analysis.

– Ensuring comprehensive visibility to propel businesses.

– Bridging the gap between corporate aspirations and procurement actions.

– Providing tangible insights via real-world case studies.

Upon the release, Art of Procurement expressed, “Together with Synertrade, our aim is to empower procurement teams to reach their full potential and evolve into an indispensable strategic ally for their organisations. Establishing a dependable view on spend data stands central to this mission.”

For those interested in diving deeper into digital services and spend data, an online event is slated for 5th September. This will focus on the ICT category, offering a comprehensive programme with esteemed speakers from organisations like Grosvenor, Monash University, Givvable, and Gartner. They will address various subjects such as:

– Envisioning leadership for IT procurement in an evolving digital landscape.

– Deciphering the ‘Everything-as-a-service’ concept: A boon or a bane?

– Mapping a customer’s journey: Procurement tactics for SaaS.

– Transitioning from jargon to action: Confidently purchasing XaaS.

– Ensuring sustainable results from ICT vendors.

– Adding value throughout the ICT procurement lifecycle.

For those interested in digital procurement solutions, the whitepaper is available for download here.

This event promises a unique chance to engage with industry frontrunners and contemporaries. Ensure you don’t miss this opportunity and book your spot now!

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