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Hexagon and MMG Pioneer Operator Alertness System in Australia

underground safety just got safer

In a groundbreaking move, Hexagon has joined forces with MMG, a base metals producer, to roll out the HxGN MineProtect Operator Alertness System (OAS) across 11 underground mining trucks at the Rosebery mine situated in Tasmania, Australia. This marks a significant milestone as it’s Australia’s maiden application of the OAS to underground mining trucks, a move aimed at bolstering operator safety and minimising risks.

Traditionally, OAS has been a staple in surface mining. However, this collaboration between Hexagon and MMG has paved the way for its introduction to the underground mining sector. MMG’s primary objective was to procure a solution adept at detecting operator fatigue, especially in the intricate underground milieu. The HxGN MineProtect OAS, which is proficient in functioning under varied lighting conditions, offers instantaneous alerts to operators. This empowers them to take prompt action in scenarios where they might be grappling with fatigue or distractions.

The integration process of this state-of-the-art technology into MMG’s existing systems was straightforward. It now serves as an added layer of safety for operators during their extensive 12-hour shifts. Both Hexagon and MMG were hands-on, ensuring a smooth transition of the project right from the acquisition phase to user acceptance testing and the final implementation.

Steve Scott, the General Manager at Rosebery mine, accentuated MMG’s unwavering commitment to safety. He highlighted that the paramount value at MMG is always prioritising safety. The overarching goal is to guarantee that every individual returns home unscathed at the close of each working day. With extended shifts, fatigue can potentially morph into a significant hazard. Hexagon’s avant-garde technology equips MMG to continually monitor the fatigue levels of their underground truck operators in real-time.

Simon Stone, the Vice President for the APAC region at Hexagon’s Mining division, expressed his exhilaration at witnessing the deployment of Hexagon’s OAS in an underground setting for the inaugural time. He lauded MMG’s unwavering dedication to the safety of their workforce. The introduction of the OAS is already yielding invaluable insights for MMG, enhancing worker safety. Hexagon is optimistic about fortifying this partnership, steering MMG towards long-term triumph.

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