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Employer deploys 100 driverless trucks

EACON driverless truck
EACON driverless truck

A state-controlled partnership rolled out dozens of environmentally friendly, autonomous heavy vehicles.

China National Building Material Group and EACON Mining Technology recently deployed 100 hybrid autonomous mining trucks to TBEA’s South Coal Mine. This is touted to be the world’s “largest fleet” of driverless trucks based at a single operation.

They boast having the following “safety, efficiency and reliability” enhancing features:

  • wire-controlled braking
  • plug-in hybrid electric drive system
  • fully hydraulic wire-controlled steering system
  • intelligent vehicle wide energy management system
  • auxiliary power unit to fulfil normal power demands
  • regenerative braking system enabling energy recovery
  • specialised range extender system for large-tonnage heavy vehicles
  • batteries to compensate for climbing, acceleration and other transient power requirements.

“These mining trucks have a robust payload capacity of 90 tons (81.6 metric tonnes) and a product design life exceeding eight years. With powerful drivetrains they can conquer slopes of up to 35 per cent and achieve a maximum speed of 45 km/h,” EACON said in a public statement.

“Through an integrated intelligent energy management control strategy and thermal management system, the mining trucks have achieved a remarkable maximum fuel saving of up to 30 per cent in various operating conditions.”

The partnership next plans to deliver driverless trucks to mines in Australia, South America and the Middle East.

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