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Industry rejects resources giant’s pay rise, bonuses

BHP workers reading
File photo of BHP workers reading

A mining advocacy refused a multinational’s workplace entitlement perks.

BHP employees were recently urged to oppose a 4 per cent wage increase, bonuses and certain leave options offered in the 2023 Operations Services (OS) production enterprise agreement.

“The Mining and Energy Union (MEU) does not agree with the proposed above award guarantee. All OS workers deserve to know what they will be paid and … this also impacts on other matters such as the correct overtime rates, allowances and penalties,” a representative said in a July 17 update.

“[BHP] expects that all OS workers should simply ‘trust them’ when it comes to their wages. This is the same company who was caught out underpaying workers by $430 million for public holidays.”

Mine workers were also encouraged to reject different leave options and performance incentives.

“The company does not agree to include the bonus or set clear criteria for the bonus into the agreement. As this is a policy it can be changed at anytime without your agreement,” the update said.

“The decision to take unpaid leave should [also] be up to the worker once they have exhausted all other leave entitlements, not the company.”

MEU accused the proponent of only contacting industrial relations regulators when they wish to do so.

“The company do not agree to take a dispute to the Fair Work Commission unless it is with their agreement. What company is going to agree to go to Fair Work when they know they could be penalised? They will never agree and that means they will continue to get away with whatever they can at your expense,” the update said.

MEU member voting closes on 21 July.

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