QMEB » Employer rolls out driverless trucks to ‘eliminate’ fatalities
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Employer rolls out driverless trucks to ‘eliminate’ fatalities

Komatsu driverless trucks
Driverless truck

A resources multinational introduced more automated heavy vehicles to help end workplace deaths.

BHP recently rolled out its fifth and final autonomous operating zone at the South Flank mine.

The proponent revealed a total of 41 Komatsu 930e haul trucks have been converted, and operate around 185 different ancillary equipment units across the work site.

The technology is touted to improve employee survival, productivity, savings and the length of time between routine maintenance.

“Where we have implemented truck automation at Jimblebar and Newman … there has been a 90 per cent reduction in near miss events involving vehicles with a fatality potential,” chief technical officer Laura Tyler said at the latest World Mining Congress.

Tyler hopes removing more human operators from the frontline will further reduce “safety risks”.

“We have got a fatality elimination program that we have got underway that is looking at constantly how do we move people out of a line of fire,” she said according to News Limited.

“Mines are safer when they are automated.”

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