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Employers rush to non fossil fuel powered alternatives


A growing number of mining companies are transitioning away from diesel towards cleaner technology.

Mineral producers recently ordered Epiroc’s “most powerful” Scooptram ST18 SG. The 17.5-tonne battery electric loader operates either autonomously via laser towers or remotely, via either radio or tele control. It comes with a speed limiter, machine protection and collision avoidance system.

“It also reduced heat, noise and the need for ventilation – which is crucial as mines become increasingly deeper,” Scooptram global product manager Erik Gert said in a public statement.

“Interest from customers has been extensive and several loaders are already booked.”

The loader boasts a 450 kilowatt per hour lithium-ion, nickel, manganese and cobalt battery. The minimum charging time is 180 minutes.

“We are bringing our … zero emission technology to large-size underground mines. This is an important step in our ambition to drive the industry forward – to a more sustainable, productive and safer future,” Epiroc sales and marketing vice president Sarah Hoffman said.

Click here to download the full technical specifications.

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