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Truck spotter

Employer sentenced after truck operator fatally struck

A heavy vehicle reversed into and killed a worker, resulting in severe penalties for the responsible company. Authorities recently examined how a contracted truck driver became fatally struck by a...

Rio Tinto heavy vehicles

Mining giant transitions away from fossil fuels

A major resources producer abandoned non-renewable energy sources for the first time. Rio Tinto confirmed none of its heavy machinery will run on fossil diesel at its Boron operation. Haul trucks...

Beaconsfield mine break in

Mine repeatedly robbed despite high security

Opportunists broke into a mining operation after surveillance equipment was fitted. Authorities recently investigated a robbery that caused extensive damage to NQ Minerals’ Beaconsfield mine. A...

Ivan Matic

Mine worker celebrates half a century at company

A mining operation employee recently finished working 50 years in different roles for the same resources giant. Ivan Matic has become BHP’s first worker ever to successfully complete half a...

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