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Ensuring Premium Products Through Rigorous Quality Assurance Testing

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AusProof is committed to providing the mining, tunnelling and pumping industries with high and low voltage cable coupler solutions that are reliable, high quality, and above all, safe. One of the key factors in ensuring this standard of product design and development is met is in the quality of the overall product, as well the quality of each component.

Throughout the production and assembly process, quality assurance tests and checks are carried out by hand, with AusProof staff trained in a variety of tools and techniques used to verify a product or identify possible faults. A coupler, plug or receptacle can go through up to 30 different tests and checks, some visual, others through the use of machinery, with some of these checks continuing up until the point of shipment.

One such quality assurance check is a high-pressure water test, carried out on both high and low voltage body castings to assess the integrity of these castings, with any hairline cracks and pinpoint holes potentially missed by human eyes identifiable through this method. AusProof conducts regular batch testing of this nature on both aluminium and stainless steel body castings. Another regular batch test AusProof applies to both its aluminium and stainless steel ranges is the dissection of castings at 20mm intervals in order to visually inspect the quality of the casting.

For both its aluminium and stainless steel high voltage couplers, after conducting a visual and mechanical assembly check, an insulation resistance check is carried out before each coupler is tested by over-stressing it in a high voltage Faraday Cage. The insulation resistance check is then reapplied in order to compare results and confirm whether or not the applied high voltage has damaged the product, ensuring product quality and safety. During this high voltage testing, the LED Live Line Indicators also undergo inspection to assess functionality.

While many of the quality assurance tests and checks carried out by AusProof are required in order to meet stainless steel compliances, AusProof has applied these exact same tests to its aluminium products to guarantee they meet the same level of high quality standard.

Through the use of internal and external audits, AusProof is committed to the continuous improvement of its quality assurance tests and checks. These audits are done not only to continue providing the industry with products of the highest possible standard, but to assure its clients that if a mistake is made, it is as infrequent as humanly possible.

For further information on product quality and assessment, as well as the availability of downloadable test reports, contact your local AusProof state sales representative.


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