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Good things come in (environmentally conscious) packages

Bolle Eco-Packaging

Since its creation Bollé Safety has concentrated innovation into its DNA. Its Go Green initiative focuses on implementing a series of incremental improvements that work toward a more significant long-term impact. This deeply ingrained commitment to constant improvement is thought to be more achievable and impactful than showy, short-term gestures.

For several years Bollé Safety have been developing eco-friendly products and packaging. The implementation of these new product designs and packaging will enable Bollé Safety to achieve its overall objective: to reduce its carbon emissions by 35% per product by 2027.

Aware that a significant part of its carbon footprint relates to the life cycle of its products (>75%), Bollé Safety has the clear objective to propose an eco-friendly version of 100% of its new products, and 50% of its top sellers by 2025.

As an integral part of their commitment to reduce their environmental impact, Bollé Safety is replacing the packaging on single-unit Bollé Safety products with 100% recycled and recyclable polypropylene bags. The eco-polybag: A unitary plastic packaging with 100% recycled polyethylene bags. New since January 2023, Bollé Safety manufactures all its products with this packaging, which is easy to recycle.

Also available is eco-packaging: Batch packaging, plastic-free, 100% recycled and recyclable and optimized for 30% less waste compared to plastic alternatives. The instructions for use are printed directly on the cardboard with vegetable-based ink and the size of the packaging is optimised for transport without empty space. The eco-packaging is the most sustainable packaging available on the market.

Beyond environmental impacts, Bollé Safety is transforming its value chain over the long term. As a leading player in the PPE eyewear market, Bollé Safety aspires to effect its transformation in a global and sustainable manner. It, therefore, includes in its CSR approach, actions to improve its social impact:

  • Ensure ethical working practices in the supply chain.
  • Developing diversity, inclusion, and employee engagement.
  • Support, through its philanthropic commitment, causes aligned with its values.

Bollé Safety are engaged with the community and work with various charities and social enterprises in order to give back at a local level. They also study their suppliers’ ESG policies and manufacturing practices to ensure we are all working together towards a greener future.

“Our strategy takes into account the environmental emergency and social challenges. We see ESG as a priority that should become an integral part of every function in our company. This topic forms the basis of our discussions with all our stakeholders.”

Quentin Chapelain, ESG Manager

We understand that, as a company, our actions have consequences for all of our stakeholders, and that being conscious is a state of mind that must be shared by our entire organisation, influencing every decision.

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