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Woodside Petroleum Pluto LNG

QMEB can reveal how much mining executives made in 2016 at a petroleum exploration and production company.

Executive remunerations at Woodside Petroleum have been varied for the past year with both winners and losers.

Chief executive officer Peter Coleman’s total remuneration for the 2016 reporting period was nearly $8.95 million – down 10.2 per cent on the year before.

Others who received paycuts included:

  • executive vice president and chief operations officer Mike Utsler $2.63m (-14.4 per cent)
  • executive vice president business development and growth Gregory Roder $2.16m (-8.4 per cent)
  • executive vice president marketing, trading and shipping Reinhardt Matisons $1.45m (-1.4 per cent)

The company blames short-term incentives for decreasing 58.5 per cent $US1.085m.

Executive vice president and chief financial officer Lawrie Tremaine’s remuneration was unchanged at $2.34 (-0.3 per cent).

However, the majority of executives bucked the trend and even received small payrises:

  • executive vice president development Robert Edwardes $2.21m (+14 per cent)
  • executive vice president global exploration Phil Loader $2m (+10.4 per cent)
  • senior vice president corporate and legal and general counsel Michael Abbott $1.2m (+7.5 per cent)
  • senior vice president people and global capability David McLoughlin $869,059 (+6.3 per cent)
  • senior vice president and chief technology officer Shaun Gregory $1.42m (+4.9 per cent)

Read the full annual report here:

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