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Foxleigh Mine Worker Sues Employers Over Car Crash

Foxleigh Mine Worker Sues Employers Over Car Crash

A Foxleigh mine worker is seeking over $1 million in compensation from Anglo Coal and Workpac after crashing his car following an overnight shift at the end of working a 75-hour week.

The 50-year-old, who had finished his last 12-hour overnight shift for the week, rested between his shift’s end (at around 6.30am) and 10am, when he decided to start driving.

At 5.30pm the same day, he crashed his car.

He is now suing Anglo and Workpac for $1,089,897 for alleged spinal injuries as a result of the accident. According to The Daily Mercury, the claim includes negligence, loss, and other damages.

Welch is arguing that he suffered from extreme fatigue prior to the accident, and that the defendants were negligent in supplying accommodation for Welch, who had been staying at the Capcoal village, and for not warning him of dangers of driving tired.

Welch claims the reason he left the village at 10am, just hours after signing off work, was that in 2011 Anglo made an accommodation agreement stating that workers must check-out of accommodation at 10am, even after a night shift.

His claim also alleges both knew workers commuted between the camp and their homes.

Anglo is yet to comment as the dispute is still before the courts.

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