QMEB ยป Heavy vehicle operator takes time off due to ‘uncomfortable’ seat
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Heavy vehicle operator takes time off due to ‘uncomfortable’ seat


A driver had to go on leave because his work space was unbearable.

A heavy vehicle operator was recently declared unfit for duty for weeks because his seat was too uncomfortable.

Authorities found the employee had earlier complained to management about suffering a workplace injury.

“Suffering from a sore back, the worker called in sick and went to a doctor. He had sustained a lumbar sprain from operating the [front end] loader, resulting in him being unfit for work for two weeks,” MinEx said in a safety alert.

The business claimed it offered to relieve the worker “several” times. However, the individual allegedly refused.

“Alternate duties were provided while the worker completed physio[therapy sessions],” the alert said.

Investigators made the following recommendations:

  • workers should immediately report discomfort when operating mobile equipment
  • mobile equipment seats should be maintained in accordance with original equipment manufacturer requirements
  • seats in mobile equipment should provide good riding comfort, durability and support the driver when frequently entering and exiting the vehicle.

Click here to download the full safety alert.

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