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Indigenous people helping to solve the mining skills shortage

Back on Track provides a unique service to employers and clients. We provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ tool. For all recruitment needs, access to Indigenous communities and mainstream sectors plus business improvement and providing solutions to skilled labour to meet the growing demands of industry.

Back on Track (BOT) is a partnership of Barry Boland and Jeff McILroy to collaborate extensive skills and expertise in the following:

  • Human resource development (incorporating training, mentoring, professional support services);
  • Business development;
  • Community development including engagement and capacity building;
  • Developing social entrepreneurs in communities and invigorating passion and empowering people’s vision to accelerate into fruition.

The business evolved from two individuals who have gained a vast array of skills and have been owner operators of own businesses for the past four years. A general discussion came about, in the selection and retention of staff and providing people who are job ready. This discussion talked about our issues of people referred to our own businesses, which were not suitable and at the prescribed industry standard. In Australia, Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) employ’s 85 per cent of people in the workforce. It important to SME to ensure, we have human resources to be job ready. Staff can make or break your business and it is detrimental to have staff appointed quick – with skills– in-order for businesses to generate income. Back on Track’s (BOT) commitment is to provide successful solutions in business development, workforce planning and quality service, which is based on our customer needs. Our core business is the development of human resources to enhance businesses and community organisations through providing quality trained staff.

BOT’s core business aims include:

  • Project Management-: For Indigenous, education, employment, training solutions and pathways
  • Capacity building
  • Cross cultural communication perspectives e.g. (Cross Cultural Awareness Training)
  • Leadership training
  • Recruitment and labour hire management
  • Business development facilitation
  • Mentoring

And ‘Back On Track’ Education, Employment Training Service, as a new training initiative, is designed to build:

  • Culture identity
  • Leadership capacity
  • Team building & problem solving skills
  • Mentoring support
  • Accredited training for non-completion courses such as Construction/ Civil Construction/Retail/Business Administration/Hospitality

Back On Track undertakes all candidate profiling and skill analysis for job readiness for employment and training pathways for potential clients and delivers training that meets the specific needs of potential employees and employers.

Training Packages delivered:
Package 1: Dreaming Tracks (2-6) week course non-vocational -: Focus on cultural reconnect, team building, problem solving, leadership development and numeracy literacy.
Package 2: Maliyan Training (13) week course vocational -: Focus on Vocational/ Accredited training, key aspect of this initiative is that it will increase candidate base by assisting existing trainees to finish or complete modules of courses they may have commenced and not finished.

Candidate source for employers to access:

  1. The ‘Back On Track’ program is designed for (4) JSAs and targets Streams 2, 3 and 4 Indigenous candidates throughout Central Queensland Region.
  2. Linked with Indigenous community and training services throughout Central Queensland Region
  3. Linked with key recruitment services such as Performance Placements, Manpower
  4. All candidates sourced from Back On Track will be accredited through Registered Training Organisation.
  • Education employment and training services;
  • Consultancy services;
  • Cultural awareness program development and delivery;
  • Pastoral care services;
  • Program development;
  • Event management; and
  • Workshop facilitation

Value-added services which compliment industry development

  • Facilitation and collating Indigenous Participation Plans which meet DEEWR IEP guidelines
  • Comprehensive testing, including:
    • Skill profiling analysis
    • Psychometric profiling
    • Competency profiling
  • Career mentoring and counselling through professional services providers
  • Cultural mentoring
  • Conducting training needs analysis
  • Development and implementation of employment strategies
  • Cross-cultural awareness training
  • Facilitation of recruitment service

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us;
Director – Barry “Rainman” Boland
Mobile: 0409 552 126
Director – Jeff McIlroy
Mobile: 0458 128205
Trainer/Case Manager – Laine Harth
Administration/Marketing- Erica Grant
Case Manager – Theresa Saylor
Back On Track Education, Employment and Training Services Pty Ltd
3/1A Denham Street, Rockhampton Qld 4700
Phone: (07) 4921 0099 Fax: (07) 4927 9392

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