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Inexperienced operator rolls heavy vehicle

Rolled truck
Rolled truck

A wide-eyed employee turned a truck over on its axis.

Authorities recently investigated how a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) rolled over a strip of land along the road.

“The driver had moved to the nearside to ensure it did not make wing mirror contact with the other oncoming HGV [and], in doing so, the nearside tyres went on a soft grass verge,” the incident report said.

“The driver corrected this but quickly went across the other carriage way and onto the soft grass verge/bank that sloped away causing the tipper to roll over onto its roof.”

An image of the wreck shows the heavy vehicle was upside-down. The roof, windshield and front cabin was destroyed.

“The driver was not hurt because they were wearing their seatbelt and had securely stored items within the cab,” the report said.

“The HGV driver was relatively inexperienced.”

Investigators made the following recommendations:

  • expect the unexpected
  • use vehicle lights in poor visibility
  • ensure conspicuity markings and tailboards are regularly cleaned
  • be cautious of soft verges and take care not to overreact or overcompensate
  • take extra caution in poor weather especially when crossing high-speed network carriageways.

Click here to read the full incident report.

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