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Where the jobs are in mining

DownerEDI_ApprenticeRecruitment firm, Hays, has just released their quarterly report on job hot spots in mining. Following are the report highlights, state by state.


Mechanical Fitters – The need to make constant mechanical upgrades has fuelled demand for Mechanical Fitters. Owner operators taking over from contractors and shutdown contracts have also added to this demand.

Diesel Fitters – Fitters with significant underground mobile maintenance experience are particularly sought in the state.

Maintenance Planners – Many maintenance crews are now servicing the same amount of equipment but with significantly fewer members on their team. As a result, they have strict maintenance plans in place to ensure all maintenance activities are executed as efficiently as possible. Therefore good Planners are highly sought after to maximize a crew’s performance.

Maintenance Supervisors – Due to cost cutting exercises, there is a high demand for improved efficiency for fixed plant maintenance.


Surface/Underground Heavy Diesel Fitters – Fitters with significant underground and surface mobile maintenance experience are sought in Western Australia.

High Voltage and Underground Auto Electricians – A high number of candidates have left the resources and mining sector in order to pursue higher salaries and better rosters in the construction industry. Consequently there is a shortage of suitable candidates in this area.

Reliability Engineers – Most Engineers pursue a career in projects or design, creating a shortage of Reliability Engineers.

Shutdown Planners – This is a high pressure position and therefore few candidates pursue a career in this field.


Project Schedulers – Multiple interstate companies are winning contracts in South Australia and require local candidates to fill these roles.

Senior Mechanical Engineers – There is a shortage of Senior Mechanical Engineers as a large number of South Australian candidates are occupied interstate on oil and gas projects.

Rubber Liners – The lack of training and apprenticeships has led to this skills shortage. In addition, most good Liners have retained work interstate.

Diesel Mechanics – There is a lack of quality Diesel Mechanics. Again, most of the good candidates are attracted to better paid work interstate.


Underground Electricians – This demand is due to the shortage of local candidates for residential positions. In addition, candidates can receive a higher pay rate in the coal sector, which is creating demand for Electricians in Queensland’s metalliferous mines.

Fitters – There is currently a high level of ongoing shutdown work demanding local candidates with the right inductions.

Boilermakers – As above, the high level of shutdown work is also creating demand for local Boilermakers with the right inductions.



Skilled candidates are still highly sought, especially those with specific equipment knowledge and experience. As many projects are in maintenance phase there are many short-term contracts and few permanent positions. Candidates need to be fully inducted and up-to-date with their training to be considered for a position. This was not previously the case as companies used to put candidates through all training that was required.

In South Australia, we have recently seen an increase in demand for both technical and trade positions. Despite the number of available tradespeople increasing, most quality or specialist candidates remain employed. Many technical candidates have gained employment interstate during the mining downturn. However, we do expect to see good candidates returning to the state in the next three to four months.

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