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KingGee workwear experts since 1926

Insightful design coupled with quality workmanship means working hard in KingGees has never felt better. From boots through to suits, all workwear products are designed and developed by working in partnership with those that wear them.

Whether your workplace is down a mine, supervising on site or at the head office, KingGee can kit you out. We offer a full range of industrial and high visibility wear, work boots and stylish corporate apparel.

Armed with Australia’s best product development capabilities KingGee invests heavily in research and development. This deep understanding of the way in which our products are worn and used gives KingGee the leading edge in workwear. It was KingGee that pioneered 310gsm cotton drill, now an industry standard. KingGee was the first company to introduce ‘permanent press’ — the original wrinkle free garment and another first in the world of work wear.

Our commitment to improving comfort at work is also evidenced through products like ‘Worn Gs’ and ‘WorkCool’ and the use of revolutionary fabric enhancers like Nano-Tex™ and StayDryX3.

All KingGee garments meet AS/NZS ISO 9001:2001standards covering garment design, production, supply and service. The accreditation pertains to both management processes and the production of our garments. To obtain an ISO certification a company must go through rigorous evaluation and auditing. The ISO certification is the highest industry standard obtainable by workwear providers in Australia.

KingGee strives to exceed industry standards in the manufacture of workwear wherever possible. All KingGee garments are made to the highest quality and ethical standards. KingGee has taken a leadership position on quality and ethics, as a foundation signatory on the NSW and QLD Home Workers Code of Practice.

Remaining Highly Visible
An OH&S requirement on every work site, high visibility workwear assists in creating a safer workplace. KingGee is dedicated to the safety of those that wear their garments and to providing quality workwear. All KingGee high visibility garments are made of fabric that is compliant to AS/NZS 1906.4:1997. After wearing and washing a garment over time, high visibility garments will fade and lose their brightness particularly those made from cotton. This will affect how visible you are and potentially could put you at risk of injury. KingGee introduced the High Visibility Indicator card to assist you in determining when your garment is no longer compliant to Australian high visibility day standards.

Aside from the normal wear and tear to any garment, the other major contributor to the effectiveness of high visibility workwear is cleanliness. The more soiled the garment, the less visible it is likely to be.

Dealing with above ground Nuisance dust
Those working on mining sites above the ground that may encounter intermittent nuisance dust, have the option of a UPF 30 high visibility polo incorporating a dust mask.

The KingGee Dustee, a world first in workwear, provides tradespeople with on the spot respiratory protection from intermittent dust on the job site.

The new Dustee (patent pending) innovation exclusive to KingGee is a nuisance dust mask permanently attached to a KingGee high visibility polo. Solving an age old irritant for tradies, the KingGee Dustee is designed for use around intermittent non-toxic nuisance dust, traditionally ignored by workers because a dust mask is not immediately on hand.

Cement dust, dirt, plaster dust and even household dust are commonly encountered by tradies on a work site and when inhaled, can cause irritation of the respiratory system.

The KingGee Dustee takes health and safety even further, using a lightweight micromesh fabric that not only provides 30+ sun protection but also strips moisture away from the body, drying quickly, to keep workers cool and comfortable.

KingGee Dustee is compliant to Australian high visibility standards for day use only, and comes in yellow and orange, long or short sleeves.

Durable, comfortable and cool
KingGee Steel is a range designed for the man that wants to feel comfortable and cool in a tough and durable outfit.

The KingGee Steel shirts are made of a blend of polyester (65%) and cotton (35%). The shirts also feature discreetly placed underarm cooling vents to ensure that the fabric breathes and therefore minimises sweat production.

The shorts and pants also feature the cooling vents, discreetly placed in the crotch, and pants also feature them behind the knees.

There are other great benefits to the range. KingGee Steel is 40% TOUGHER than current workwear*, which means it takes longer to wear out. The TRIPLE STITCHED seams won’t come apart. The knee area is reinforced with a double layer to provide extra protection where most needed. It also allows for the insertion of knee pads for knee protection.

It’s FADE RESISTANT so the wearer will look smarter for longer.

For those working in extreme heat, or are highly active and working up a sweat — the Steel shirts are treated with Neutraliser®, a Nanotex® treatment that absorbs the smell of body odour and locks it away until the shirt is washed.

KingGee Steel shirts are the first ever Australian workwear range to use Nano-Tex® Neutraliser treatment on fabric to attract, isolate and kill body odour. Any body odour that transfers onto the fabric is immediately neutralised, and odour that is just on the body cannot be smelled through the fabric.

For those working away from home and are looking for an easy wash and wear experience, the Steel range is IRON FREE. King Gee Steel can be worn straight off the washing line.

The CSIRO tested the full KingGee Steel range and results indicate the workwear is an average of 40% tougher than the standard.

Dale Caroll, Manager, CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering said:

“A set of Australian standard test procedures were conducted on the STEEL workwear range, finding significantly higher tensile strength, tear strength and abrasion resistance when compared to regular cotton work wear. This indicates that STEEL workwear is stronger and will have a longer life than 100% cotton fabric workwear of a similar weight. The polyester and cotton blend is also a lighter weight than regular cotton, offering more personal comfort for tradespeople.”

Compared to standard cotton weave workwear, the KingGee Steel shirts were found by the CSIRO to be 40% stronger and resistant to tears and 50% stronger for abrasion resistance or ‘wearing out’. The pants and shorts are 45% stronger and resistant to tears and 100% stronger for abrasion resistance or ‘wearing out’.

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