QMEB ยป Mineral multinational lifts procurement expenditure to $15B
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Mineral multinational lifts procurement expenditure to $15B

Rio Tinto train
Rio Tinto train

A resources giant recently spent big on Australian businesses.

Rio Tinto increased domestic supply chain expenditure by 9 per cent to more than $15.3 billion during 2022.

More than 6200 companies were awarded work packages. Indigenous-owned businesses secured tenders worth a combined $565 million, representing a 40 per cent jump on the previous year. The funds supported tens of thousands of jobs.

The proponent also directly employed local jobseekers, bought local products and engaged local services during the same period.

“We could not do what we do without our local supplier partners, and having good relationships with them helps us find better ways to provide the materials the world needs,” Rio Tinto Australia CEO Kellie Parker said in a public statement.

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