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Minerals Council launches “amazing” coal campaign

The Minerals Council of Australia, together with Australian Coal Association Low Emission Technology, has launched The Little Black Rock Campaign.

The campaign is aimed at providing information about the Australian coal industry, and highlights the importance of coal.

A statement from the MCA said the campaign “explains the many economic and social benefits that coal delivers but also the investment the industry is making to deliver significant efficiencies and much lower emissions”.

“Australia has the fourth-largest share of coal reserves in the world and all Australians benefit from coal through its contribution to exports, wages, investment and Federal and State government revenues,” the MCA said.

The campaign will have three key messages, including the “indispensable role” played by the coal industry in providing low cost energy to the country, and other poverty stricken countries.

“Second, new technologies are dramatically reducing CO2 and particulate emissions from coal-fired power generation. New high efficiency, low emissions (HELE) coal-fired generators emits 20-25 per cent less CO2 than the average of existing power stations and up to 40 per cent less than the oldest technology in place,” the MCA said.

“Third, the campaign will highlight the contribution of the coal industry in providing 150,000 direct and related jobs, generating $40 billion in export income and paying more than $6 billion in wages. Strong forecasts of demand will ensure that this contribution will continue for decades.

“The coal industry is committed to an informative and rational discussion on the contribution coal is making to jobs, economic growth and low cost energy in Australia, with the campaign to continue indefinitely to advance these important issues.”

The campaign has already received some heat on Twitter, with users mocking the “coal is amazing” slogan.

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WATCH the campaign advertisement below:


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