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Minerals Council releases new publication

The Minerals Council of Australia has released a new publication, The Whole Story, detailing the contribution that Australia’s mining industry makes to communities across Australia.

“While Australia’s natural resource endowment is central to national wealth, the minerals sector largely operates out of sight of most Australians. As a result, the significant contribution the sector makes to communities is not always well known,” MCA chief executive Brendan Pearson said.

“The Whole Story demonstrates the scale of the sector’s investment across health and safety, environmental management, innovation in low emissions technology, Indigenous economic development and the provision of local services.

“This publication details how modern mining operates in regions as diverse as the Hunter Valley, the Pilbara, the Bowen Basin, Port Augusta and the Tanami Desert. It highlights the importance the sector places on continuous improvement of economic, social and environmental performance.

“The Whole Story is a practical account of a responsible, innovative and transparent sector. Australian mining will continue to be a major contributor to economic prosperity for decades to come.”

Read The Whole Story here.

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